Tank Size for Betta Fish

betta fish in aquariumWhen talking about take size for a Betta, it is truly a preference. Maybe you have a big space you want filled in you living room, or have a tiny apartment with not much space to spare. Starting with the most common size, small, based purely on their ability to thrive in small bodies of water. Here in America, Betta’s are sold in tiny containers for several reasons. The biggest being space, and the second being that they for the most part need to be separated from one another to some degree.

Some people see the small non filtered tank options as cruel or unfit. While it is open to debate, it is still an option for the size contentious fish owner. However, there are some newer tanks that offer the best of both worlds. Right around 3 gallons, these “Betta in mind” tanks that come an LED tank light as well as a filter. They are ideal because of there size, ease of maintenance, and the aesthetics that they offer. Most even have a day and night time setting for them to simulate normal hours that they would experience in nature. Good for starters and more experienced collectors alike, bang for your buck you can beat them. These style of tanks have gained popularity in recent years and can now be found in big box stores as well as specialty shops alike.

The other option, obviously, is a larger tank. There is a common misconception that male Betta’s, or male and female Betta can not be tank mates. If you do want to house them in the same tank there are just a couple of things to consider if you want to do this. First, give them enough space to call their own. Most fish (2 inches or less) need about 1 gallon of tank to be happy. If you want to house males together they need about 5 gallons to themselves. The other and equally important part to the formula is giving them plenty of places to hide. Live plants make a great place for them to swim in and out of and will help keep things clean, but any where they can hide will do great. There is still a risk of fighting when housing Betta’s together, especially male and female, so do this with caution. Betta’s are known for their personality, both passive and aggressive, so keep that in mind when introducing new tank mates.

So really when it comes down to it there isn’t really such a thing as too big. The more space you can give these guys, the happier they will be and in turn have a longer stress free life. There are many options available to the modern fish enthusiast, choose wisely, enjoy and be safe.

More about choosing the right tank size for your betta fish:


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